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Terry Ward, author of “Life’s a Pitch”, is the founder and President of CommSkills Group, a national communication and presentation skills training organization. Many of the firm’s proprietary programs play an integral role in leadership and learning development programs in Fortune 1000 companies all over the country. Terry has over 30 years of experience coaching and training communication, presentation and leadership skills. Many of his programs were founded on the guiding principle: the spoken word is the most powerful tool to influence, inspire and lead. Every communication must be designed to meet the needs of the listener.

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Perfect your communication skills

CommSkills Group is a renowned professional communication skills training organization in California.We aim to identify people’s natural communication style and build on their strengths. CommSkills Group employs highly experienced facilitators and state-of-the-art technology to assist employees at all levels in boosting their interpersonal and communication skills.

We want to inspire the best in you by catering to all your communication needs. Our team offers an extensive selection of innovative trainings, held in small to large groups, to improve your public speaking, leadership and presentation skills and face to face communications.

Whether your teams require presentation consulting or half-day training sessions, we are your solution to hassle-free yet pragmatic and results-oriented approaches to connect you with partners, clients, and suppliers in a more effective way.



We work with people by identifying their natural communication style and building on their strengths. We have found that when a person is authentic and natural they have more impact and influence in every communication situation.

By working with an individual’s natural style we change attitudes, build beliefs and transform the capabilities of people at work with our interactive learning experiences and specific action based training and coaching. From connecting with customers, selling effectively, communicating change, conducting more efficient meetings, pitching great ideas or having more powerful conversations, the way your employees approach, create and deliver messages has an enormous impact on your business.

By combining experiential exercises, interactive coaching and individual action plans we change the way people think, feel and behave; not just in our workshops but practical lasting change that impacts their work. We focus on enhancing a person’s communication strengths, confidence and capabilities because when your people flourish, so will your business.

CommSkills Group transforms the performance of people at work by changing how they approach, create and deliver messages every day.

You need everyone in your organization to be skilled in effective communications so that when the moment presents itself they can conduct:

Effective one-on-one conversations to build understanding and gain agreement.

Pivotal meetings with partners, suppliers or clients.

Influential high-stakes presentations to critical audiences.